MMOEXP:EA's priorities lie in FC 24 Ultimate Team

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To EA's credit, it has issued a response to growing frustrations within the FC 24 Coins community, saying that it sees the feedback. Electronic Arts then points to its FIFA Twitter account for FC 24 Ultimate Teamure updates regarding its plans for upcoming games. It's not a commitment, by any means, but it's as close as the game publisher will get to saying that something is being worked on.

FC 24 is all but certain not to feature cross-play for Pro Clubs at launch, or for the duration of the game's availability. Perhaps Pro Club cross-play will end up being tested on FC 24 like how basic cross-play functionality was for FC 24. It's more likely that the feature is further off, coming with EA Sports FC's release in 2023 or beyond. It's also entirely possible that FIFA fans are right, and that EA's priorities lie in FC 24 Ultimate Team. It's up to EA to prove that criticism wrong.

Gaming and athleticism may not seem like they go hand in hand, but sports games have existed in the medium for decades. Millions upon millions of fans who play the likes of FIFA, Madden, NBA, or WWE show that sports games are not going away any time soon. Speaking of FIFA, the world's most popular soccer title is due to have its next installment released in a couple of months. The hardware specs for the PC version have recently been revealed, and it looks as though they won't break the bank.

As reported by a number of sources, FC 24 will seemingly not require the most high-end gaming system the world has ever seen in order to run well. Officially, players will need at least an Intel Core i5 6600k or AMD Ryzen 5 to meet the minimum CPU spec. The game should also run well on just an Nvidia GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon RX 570. Even meeting the recommended requirements won't be too painful. At the most, an i7 6700 or Ryzen 7 2700X will suffice, as will a GTX 1660 or RX 5600 XT graphics card, and either 8 GB or 12 GB of RAM will also be a requirement. Overall, EA Sports' next soccer game should be suitable for most mid-range PCs.

This will be good news, especially for anyone who is not in the market for an Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti, which can set gamers back nearly $2.000. Of course, the PC specs are greater than those needed for FC 24. but that's generally to be expected of newer games. For anyone who's curious, it's unclear whether FC 24 will run on the Steam Deck or not. However, given that the Deck is consistently adding new titles, which are either being labelled as "playable" or "verified," it's entirely possible that the game could be compatible with Valve's handheld machine.

 FC 24 recently had a new trailer released, and EA has confirmed that the game will be coming out on September 30. As well as featuring World Cup Qatar 2022 and Ultimate Team, which allows players to build their own dream squad, this latest iteration of the ubiquitous sports title will also be debuting Women's Football, which includes some of the "biggest teams in the world."

Sadly for many fans, EA Sports and FIFA will be parting ways after this release. EA plans to rebrand the franchise, calling it EA Sports FC from hereon in. But without licensing from the FIFA association, it's not quite sure what the EA FC 24 Coins for sale Ultimate Teamure for the soccer franchise will hold.