The 5 most difficult makeup questions and answered!

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When you don't know how to get more beautiful,come here to browser good beauty tips.The aim of it is to help you become more charming and confidence.

1. How to draw the contour
First map your face with an outline. I prefer cream products because I find that they produce more natural contours when mixed. I like to use collection precision contouring sticks (£ 3.99, boots) for a little contour to enhance the cheekbones and sculpt the chin, nose and forehead. These sticks are very easy to use because the cream matte formula is so miscible and their shape means that you can place the product very accurately.Track the sunken parts of the temples, cheeks and chin. Take a wet beauty mixer, tap the contour color area, and mix it into your foundation make-up. My most important tip is to remember to mix correctly!If you read this tip,your makeup questions have been soluted.
2. How to get rid of dark circles and under-eye bags
As far as eye bags are concerned, eye masks are very suitable because they can provide targeted hydration to the immediate area to help mask them. Reflective concealer and fundus whitening agents are ideal for eye bags because they attract light and reflect it off the skin, thereby spreading and hiding dark circles under the eyes. Finally, color correction is a good way to treat dark circles. Before applying brightening concealer, try to apply orange tone to the fundus area.This trick can perfectly solve these kind of typical makeup questions.
3. What does a primer do?
Primers are the key to creating a perfect foundation - they can smooth out any fine lines or pores and keep the foundation longer. Primer is really critical, especially for people with oily skin, large pores and uneven skin tone. They can make your skin look fresh, light and natural without using too much cosmetics. The primer also helps to maintain the look, which means you don't have to do too much. This helps it look fresher.If you have solved these makeup questions,I believe you have been more charming.
4. How to do natural makeup
In order to obtain a naturally luminous appearance, the light color makeup front milk is a key purchase, because you can use it alone or when making up. In order to obtain healthy and luminous skin, I will say that the water-based lighter foundation make-up is the key product, and the cream colored fluorescent pen. Lip and cheek multi-purpose colors are very easy to use because cream products always look more natural on the skin. Cream bronze like Chanel is a beautiful mousse bronze, giving people a natural luster.
5. How to do makeup for photos
There is always a good skin care plan, and a good moisturizer is used to prepare the skin. I like the bright skin in the photo, so please relax the powder, then pick up the cream colored fluorescent pen and cream colored powder Blusher. It makes the skin look younger and radiant. I only use powder to set the T-zone, but keep everything else very shiny and shiny. Use a highlighter to enhance the cheekbones because it looks great on the camera. Provides an outline for an excellent photograph because it adds structure to the face.In order to make your eyes look more open, I will avoid using very dark colors on your eyes, because although it looks great, dark colors will immediately close your eyes. By using lighter colors and highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, it helps to make your eyes look brighter and create the illusion of wider eyes. The cream pen can also be effectively used along the water line of the eyes to help the eyes look fresher. Then curl the eyelashes with an eyelash clip to immediately lift the eyes and apply eye black on the eyelashes to enhance the overall eye makeup.I always choose Lipliner to create beautiful and full lips. Maybe the nude lip liner will slightly cross the line to enhance what you have.