Electric Bicycles: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

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Close your eyes for a minute and recall the good old times when the roads were full of bicycles. The joy of racing with friends, experiencing the wind across your face, and exploring nature closely as you paddle through the roads is beyond words. With every ride, you would be accompanied by an overwhelming sense of freedom. All these memories are sure to fill you with a nostalgic feeling. Want to relive those moments but with a touch of modernity? Then it’s time to get an electric bicycle.

However, certain misconceptions may limit you from investing in these urban commutation vehicles. So, before you start looking for an online platform to buy electric cycle near me, knowing about the common myths is crucial. Read on to uncover the myths and misconceptions relating to electric bicycles.

Myth 1: Electric bicycles are complicated

Many people fear riding electric bicycles owing to the perception that they come with complex functionalities. However, it isn’t true! If you can ride a non-electric bicycle, riding the electric one is no herculean task. It requires the same skill of control and balance. The only difference is that electric bicycles come with powerful and long-lasting batteries. Riding the electric cycle with removable battery is pretty simple and doesn’t require much effort. In fact, the electric components make picking up speed and getting up and over hills easier. 

Myth 2: Electric bicycles are fast and unsafe

No doubt, the electric bicycles are faster than the regular ones. However, the pedal-assist e-bikes can reach up to a regulated speed cap only. When riding in the electric-assisted mode, you can enjoy a speed up to 25kmph. You also have the option to turn off the electric assist mode and use it as a regular bicycle. In such a situation, the speed will completely depend on the power of your legs. So, you do not have to worry about safety and enjoy your rides to the core. 

Myth 3: Electric bicycles are heavy 

When the e-bikes were first introduced in the market, they were a little heavier. However, the modern ones come with an all-aluminum body, including the frame, stem, handlebar, stand, rims, and suspension. As a result, you can expect lighter electric bicycles that are easy and convenient to ride. 

Myth 4: Electric bicycles don’t make you fit

It is true that e-bikes can provide you with a little help with your ride. However, it isn’t entirely exercise-free. You still need to use the pedal to keep moving. Several studies show that riding electric bicycles is indeed a high-intensity activity promoting positive health outcomes and enhancing cardiorespiratory fitness. So, invest in an electric cycle with removable battery and get closer to your fitness goal.