Escape From Tarkov – Operation Aquarius Quest Guide

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Escape From Tarkov – Operation Aquarius Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov is an evergrowing first-person shooter corresponding to EFT Roubles a war royale. There is one key difference: in case you whole the mission objective and get out of the town limits in the allotted time, you get to maintain your loot. Acquiring the components is necessary to development in this recreation, and in Operation Aquarius, this may be your aim.

How do you complete the Operation Aquarius in Escape From Tarkov?
To efficiently end Operation Aquarius in Escape From Tarkov, the traders are sending you on a dangerous task to steady the water deliver. To start this quest, you want to be at the least stage 6. You will want to assist the Therapist get to the stash of water hidden inside the dorms to make sure it's all still there.

Operation Aquarius element 1
To whole the primary a part of Operation Aquarius, you have to achieve the two objectives.

Locate the water deliver hidden inside room 206 of the Dorms on Customs
Extract from the area

When you bought the key, head to the Dorms at the northern part of the Customs, Room 206 is on the second one floor. You handiest need to unlock the door, step into the room and get out. No  Buy Escape from tarkov Roubles  want to linger on, as the room incorporates no loot or anything else of interest. Alternatively, you may wait for other Raid members to free up the room for you and stroll in behind them. This is a volatile pass and less possibly to take place the nearer recreation involves a wipe. After you entire this, the only thing final so one can do is get out alive.