What You Need certainly to Know About New Security Features in Access 2007

Whenever you start dealing with Access 2007 for the first time you may have been surprised with the security warning message you see everytime you open a database file. You are able to thank the Access 2007 Trust Center for guarding the file in this way.

The Trust Center blocks all Access functions which can potentially run malicious code - hence the warning message. And Access 2007 can do this for files created under any Access version. This really is among a number of new security top features of Access 2007. This article discusses the two most critical of the features; the Trust Center and Password encryption.

In the event that you DON'T trust the source of the database you are able to close the Trust Center security message and still keep on utilizing the database. You are able to access all the information in the tables, but some functions such as macros will not work. This itself is new - previous Access security methods simply blocked the whole suspect file. Thunder Protection system in Bangladesh

In the event that you DO trust the source of the database you've to click on Options. Choose "Enable this content" and click the OK button to finally open the file with all features intact, but you've to review exactly the same procedure the next occasion you open the file. However, you are able to eliminate the Trust Center intervention and warning by organising trusted locations - folders where you save your valuable Access 2007 files to.

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