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When the pouring rain falls, people seek refuge — in nearby passenger camps, under trees, or under the polythene or tripods of a tong shop. However, in case of drizzle or drizzle, umbrella is the name of the best shelter. It's raining, the umbrella is 'dripping', you're walking. This is a different feeling, a different feeling. Just what! The rain didn't stop you.

A few days ago, the record was hot. Now it is raining again. Umbrellas need shelter in both sun and rain. However, even if the Bengalis can tolerate the sun, they cannot tolerate the raindrops. History has it that the umbrellas that were used in Egypt about 1200 years before the birth of Christ were used to protect kings and emperors from the sun. The sun-protected umbrella was called a 'parasol'. ‘Umbrella’ says that our intimacy with the umbrella now, it was made to get relief from the rain.

Since it is raining in advance, umbrellas are now needed to survive the rain. The shape of the umbrella has changed over time. Umbrellas are now a fashion accessory. So it goes without saying that ‘Bangla Chhata’ is not in vogue. The relatively small Chinese umbrellas are now dominating the market. Because the Chinese umbrellas are not as big in size as the Bengali umbrellas and can be easily folded and put in the bag when needed.

A search of umbrella wholesale shops in Nawabpur, Mogaltuli revealed that a wide variety of folded umbrellas made in China were on sale. These umbrellas can be kept in two folds and three folds. Parachute cloth of different colors and designs have been used as a tent. The price of a two-fold umbrella in Manvede is 150 to 500 rupees. Three fold umbrellas cost 300 to 1000 rupees. Prices may vary slightly depending on the location and market. Importers are importing these umbrellas from China and marketing them in the name of their company. garden umbrella factory: Folding umbrellas in the name of these organizations.

The sellers said that Bengali umbrellas are made in the country. The price of a 26-inch umbrella with a wooden canopy of black cotton cloth is 180 rupees. The price of a 30-inch girth of Bengali umbrella is 350 to 750 rupees. Bengali umbrellas are less popular in the market. But the Bengali umbrella lasted longer.
Various organizations buy Bengali umbrellas for their institutional corners. This is the main sale of Bengali umbrella. ‘Bmw umbrella’, ‘manual umbrella’ and ‘garden umbrella bd’ are the three main brands of Bangla umbrella.

The umbrella of your choice matched over your head and you sang while walking, my whole day, cloudy sky, I gave you the rain… because, as the umbrella relates to the rain, so does the song.visit now.3Fold umbrella

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