White Lies to Save Lives

Are there times when "white lies" are right?

Moses prayed, “Now then, if I have found favor in Your sight in any way, please let me know Your ways so that I may know You, in order that I may find favor in Your sight” (Ex 33:13 NASB).

Jesus is the Truth. He said so Himself:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life" (Jn 14:6 NIV).

As white magic is no better than any form of magic, which is witchcraft; so, white lies are lies are witchcraft and hypocrisy wrapped in their usual religious garb.

Witchcraft because lies manipulate reality to employ deceit as a mechanism of control. That is, lies are manipulations intended to force an outcome desired by the liar. To lie is the opposite of faith.

Hypocrisy because the liar has seen some flaw in their listener and judged them less worthy of autonomy; meanwhile, their own flaw is inherent in the lie.

You cannot use the ways of this world to overcome it.

You cannot walk in the way or ways of sinners and be like a tree planted near streams of water bearing fruit in every season (Ps 1:1-3).

The problem with Christians compromising on the truth for our own kind intentions is that, in so doing, we stamp Christ underfoot, who is the person of the Truth. In turning to a lie, we make the lie our salvation and protector. You might as well put your hand right in the fire that way because the lie that issues out of your mouth defiles you. Your Rock is the person of the Truth, and He is both undefiled and all-powerful.

Tell the truth and believe. Do so kindly.

You either trust Christ or you still think he needs the ways of man to accomplish the purposes of God.

Show us your ways and teach us your paths.

Guide us in your truth and teach us,

for you are God our Savior,

and our hope is in you all day long (from Ps 25:4-5 NIV).



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