YTX12-BS YTX16 12-80L-310

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The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery boasts a voltage of 12.8 volts and a capacity of 8Ah. With a CA of 490A and a CCA of 310, this battery provides a high level of performance, delivering a maximum discharge temperature of -35°C to 60°C and a maximum charge of 40A with a continuous charge of 8A.

Our battery features stacking Li-Po cells, providing stable voltage and low internal impedance, making it a great choice for starting motorcycles and other electronic equipment.

- Lithium Powersport Battery
- Voltage: 12.8 volts
- Capacity: 8Ah
- CA 490A
- CCA 310
- WH 102
- Discharge Temp -35℃ to 60℃ [-31 F to 140 F]
- Max Charge 40A
- Continuous Charge 8A

Check out our LU12 80H Lithium Powersport Battery. It has a voltage of 12.8 volts, 490A cranking amps, and can hold up to 8 amp-hours of charge. Order Now:-

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