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PureKonect Social Media Platform is an American-based multi-ethnic Cooperation. Purekonect offers a social media platform built for people from all works of life to interact in an unbiased social media platform to connect, share and communicate in a private and safe environment.

What is online diversion?

Sites for social networking are electronic kinds of correspondence. Social media platforms are the most popular grant clients to have conversations, share information, and make web content. There are numerous sorts of electronic redirection, including objections, minimal web-based diaries, wikis, socially facilitated exertion areas, photo-sharing grumblings, illuminating, video-sharing fights, advanced accounts, devices, and virtual universes, and that is only the start.


What are the benefits of using virtual diversion?

Billions of people from one side of the world to the next use virtual redirection to share information and make affiliations. On a singular level, online chatting app redirection grants you to visit with friends and family, learn new things, and foster your tendencies and begotten. On a specialist level, you can use virtual diversion to foster your perception in a particular field and encourage your master relationship by interacting with various specialists in your industry. At the association level, online redirection licenses you to have a conversation with your social affair, gain client information and lift your picture.


PureKonect licenses people to truly team up with others. We are in a virtual diversion stage. Whose mission is to be the response for anyone searching for a neighborhood alliance. We are a fair internet-based amusement stage that is enlivened by friendship. We welcome people from differentiating foundations, paying little mind to anything more than their race, course of action, religion, language, or essential. One of our key targets is to help people of different contemplations, establishments, religions, and lifestyles interface together as one.


What Type of Information We Collect

We assemble the going with information from and about our clients: Names, likes, including individual stage affiliations. The significant information is assembled the second a client makes a record on our establishment. This information is gathered to help us with giving individual clients a changed encounter that meets their social necessities. The subsequent you join to have a record on our establishment you go into a concurrence with us. You positively contract us to give you an individual associated with, a changed electronic redirection experience. The affiliations we surrender are fixed using the information you give. This data joins your name, individual web-based amusement stage tendencies, interests, region, area, etc. All of the data we store is perseveringly given by the client, we don't gather any of this data from untouchables.

How might we use individual information?

A piece of the time we really accumulate individual, shaky data about our clients, the fragile information blends, but isn't limited to charge card information. A portrayal of this information could consolidate things like:

  1. Personalization of content, business information, or client experience
  2. Account set up and association
  3. Delivering showing and events correspondence
  4. Carrying out blueprints and outlines
  5. Internal inventive work purposes
  6. Providing work and things
  7. Legal commitments (eg evasion of pressure)
  8. Meeting internal outline necessities


Where do we store and cycle individual data?

If material, sort out whether or not you mean to store and direct information past the information subject's nation of starting.

Outline the means you will take to ensure the data is overseen by your insurance strategy and the applicable law of the country where the data is found. Expecting that you move data outside the European Economic Area, outline the activities you will set up to give a fitting level of data security confirmation. Eg really keeping explanations, data move outlines, etc.


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