The Father says today, My Way is walking on the inside of you. My Truth is echoing in the chambers of your mind. My life is beating in the four chambers of your heart, and the cry is “holy, holy, holy.” All that I am and all that there is of My kingdom is on the inside of you. My kingdom is not an outward thing; it is an inward reality; an indwelling expressing My power, My love, and My glory in you. Never look outward for what I have placed within where I sit enthroned where your human spirit rests at the center of your being. The middle wall of partition between your soul and your human spirit is removed. The veil is torn, and My glory now shines in you and through you into the earth and into your circumstance bringing change.

This is who I went to the Cross to cause you to become. You are a New Creation. You are a new species altogether. You are not a mere human being. You are My purchased possession, and in you, I will be magnified. In you, I will be known in the earth as El Shaddai, the All-Sufficient One. Partake of My sufficiency today. Reach by faith and take a double handful of My goodness and an armful of My favor and cast it into your circumstance by faith and see transformation come. The shift isn’t just coming; you ARE the shift. You ARE revival. You ARE healing. You ARE supply. As I AM, so are you – not only to receive and partake of but to distribute and release to your own need and the needs of others. Open your heart. Say to your mind, “be opened to all God is on the inside of you.” This is your coming out, and this is your standing up. Everything changes from this day forward.