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4 years ago our marriage was tested beyond our human understanding and that time I didn’t think we’d survive. Honestly, I felt like I couldn’t stay and nor could I go. I was confused, hurt, embarrassed and angry. I didn’t understand how the man I loved could betray me and how the God I served could ask me to do what seemed impossible. While crying my eyeballs out I told God I couldn’t do it and I asked how did He expect me to stay with this man after he cheated on me. God kindly reminded me that our purpose together was greater than infidelity and that His grace was sufficient. God told me if I would forgive my husband and fight for our marriage, He’d heal and restore our marriage and it would be greater than ever. I gave the Lord a yes. It wasn’t the easiest decision I’ve made, but it was worth it. I will admit, the greater didn’t come immediately. In fact, our marriage was tested an innumerable amount of times. A few months ago I almost ended it! I told God, “this isn’t the greater you promised me.” Led by Holy Spirit, I began to fast, pray, anoint our bed, speak the promise and train my mind and heart to love my husband beyond his faults. Today I can say our marriage has truly been restored. We had to get out of our human understanding and trust fully in the God in us. As we yielded to Holy Spirit and trusted in the Promise Keeper, our greater season started and the best is yet to come. Obedience is greater than sacrifice and a promise is never without warfare, but if you can contend with faith, focus on His promise, and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, your greater can be realized too! #marriageonpurpose #ialmostthrewinthetowel #godcanheal